create simple html builder using Golang

Here is video step to step how to create html builder in golang

package html

type Node interface {
Html() string

Implement Node in Div tag

package html

type DIV struct {
Child []Node
Value string

func (d DIV) Html() string {
output := "<div>"…

[Part 2] Docker Golang GraphQL Build An Api And Deployment on DigitalOcean. Part 1 is here

Security user password

First of all we do need encode plan text password and keep it security and store in MySQL. Package in Go we do use in this tutorial is bcrypt

here are two function for encode password and compare password


import ""func HashPassword(originalPassword string) (string, error) {
pass, err…


i’m from a nice city in Vietnam called Danang, where live and did my studies. I love programming, coffee and spending my free time teaching myself new skills.

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